ERC Advanced Grant 2014


Multi-conceptual design of fire barrier
A systemic approach

3th March 2016

The project has officially been launched in presence of 
- Nicolas Lebas, vice-president in charge of Higher education and Research in the region Haut de France, 
- Philippe Rollet, president of the Sciences and technology university of Lille, 
- Fabienne Blaise, president of the Life sciences university of Lille, 
- Xavier Vandendriessch, president of the Law, Sport and Medecine university of Lille, 
- Françoise Paillous, local representative of CNRS for the region Hauts de France, 
- Jean-François Tassin, assistant director of CNRS for the region Hauts de France, 
- Stéphane Leleu, local representative of Reserarch & Technology 
- Alexandre Legris, director of the Unit Materials and Transformations (UMET) 
- Bernard Fontaine, directeur de l’École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Lille (ENSCL)