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Multi-conceptual design of fire barrier
A systemic approach

Accessibility Policy

Help for navigation

Pages organization

The whole site is homogeneously structured.
A page is organized as follows:

  • a header part which includes the banner of the University, a direct access to the different websites of the University, a search tool and a link to the portal,
  • the main menu with the various parts of the website,
  • a part divided in two or three columns presenting various information. The first column contains the menu of the heading in which you can find useful internal links (directory, contacts, access map). The second column contains the page content. The third column, if existing, shows the breaking news specific to a heading, as well as information on the page where you are (contacts, attachments, .)
  • a footer with various information (site map, disclaimer, accessibility policy, please contact the webmaster and address of the university).

Keyboard Shortcuts

To help you with navigation on our website, a list of keyboard shortcuts is available.

The key combination aiming at activating the shortcuts varies according to your browser:

  • Internet Explorer on Windows: Alt + Shift and [shortcut], then Enter
  • Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox, Safari and Chrome on Windows: Alt + Shift and [shortcut]
  • Opera: Shift + Esc and [shortcut]
  • Safari on Mac: Ctrl + Shift and[shortcut]

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts. In any case, please use the buttons above the keyboard rather than the numeric keypad.

  • Access to the page displaying the accessibility policy: Key 0
  • Go to welcome page: key 1
  • Go to page content (and avoid the main menu): Key s
  • Access to site map: Key 3
  • Access to the search tool: Key 4
  • Contact the webmaster: Key 7
  • Legal mentions : Key 8

Display Size

You can change the display size of characters by pressing the Ctrl + mouse wheel on all browsers. It is also possible to change the size on:

Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Chrome by pressing the Ctrl key and the key + or -
Internet Explorer and Opera by going to the menu Display >> Zoom (or text size) and choose.

Web Standards

We tried to broaden the accessibility of this site. In this context, we followed the various recommendations of the W3C.
This site follows the WCAG (Accessibility Guide for web content).
Nevertheless, many elements are updated regularly. Due to their dynamic aspect, some items may be temporarily degraded.